Saturday, May 2, 2009

Flash mob in LIBRARY

I came across this video on, and i thought it was necessary that i post it. Before this class, i never knew what a flash mob even was. After hearing the examples in class, i began to get a better understanding of the concept. I find them to be rather entertaining if done in the right way. This video that i found i feel does that, and goes beyond making a point.
Keep in mind that whats happening in this video, is all done within a School Library. Picture something like this happening in Scott Library @ york :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

mp3 experiment

I came across this video on Youtube.. and i have to admit it is the strangest things i have ever seen, however i watched the entire 4 minute clip and was pretty entertained.
Its interesting to see how hundreds of people can come together and participate in the same event with no speaking, and only having their earphones plugged in, and following directions from the tape they listen to.

It goes to show you how effective participation, and more importantly circulation can impact something you choose to be apart of!

check out the video:

Be aware of whos coughing beside you

it appears as if our world is preparing for another health epidemic!! The Mexican Swine flu that is appearing to make its mark in the United States and Mexico has claimed numerous lives. Now its appearing in Ontario, i heard on the news today that there were 4 cases found in Ontario alone.
Now, its not unusual to worry about what this may mean for our country, or cities especially since we all witness the effects of the SARS disease that hit our world in 2003. What amazes me about this whole situation is the rumours that i am hearing about the knowledge of this flu within the Country it originated in. A coworker of mine just returned from Mexico city and he told me that it appears as if nothing is going on in the city, the streets are packed, the airports are fine. Even when he returned to Toronto i expected him to be held up at customs, he said that when they knew he returned from Mexico city they did not question him any further.

This makes me wonder if our government and health officials are really prepared for something as severe as SARS? or are we simply waiting for it to turn into an official Epidemic before we begin to worry?


Photo scavenger hunt!

About 2 weeks ago, we did a scavenger hunt - however, instead of going off as a big group we seperated into smaller groups, and went to find places that were secluded, or areas we like to call 'our own' where we feel we are able to escape while on campus. Many people showed areas where you could sit, and relax and this got me thinking :) In first year i found an area of couches in the Fine Arts building, it just so happened that they also had a plug outlet which was key for charging up my battery for the next class. I really enjoyed this area and resulted in going there every week numerous times. However, once the accolade buildings were finished being built and renovated i noticed a higher percentage of traffic coming through thus resulting in people taking my seat that i had fallen in love with. I also noticed how loud the space became, with more people coming into it the conversations grew louder and now it was no longer a place of relaxation, more of a place to converse with friends between classes. Even during the scavenger hunt i took my group through this section, and at that time every spot on the couches was occupied.
I really enjoyed the scavenger hunt, and i though it was fascinating to see the different areas people go to on campus, that i really did not know even existed. I also enjoyed learning from my group members, ( i didnt even know york had a pond) they helped me explore the area of school i had never even acknowledged before.

This just comes to show you how sharing with others can truly impact your life!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

if THEY were women ? ?

After thinking about last weeks lecture on 'Viral media', i decided to go through my emails and find something that i thought was interesting that had been forwarded on to me. I came across a email from my sister titled "if THEY were women? ?" and it basically included pictures of Hollywood male stars with photo shopped pictures showing what they would look like if they were women. Looking at the list of people that had this exact email before myself; would probably come out to 2 1/2 pages of lists and lists of emails. I think the reason it created so much 'buzz' was because it included pictures of these men who are famous, but also for the fact that a few of these pictures looked realistic.
I decided to include a few of the pictures i found to be the most entertaining....see what you think :).

The email stated: " try to guess who they are before scrolling down to see the caption:

Orlando Bloom

Matt Damon

Jay Leno

George Foreman

George Clooney


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a little late . . .

so i've had this blog for approx. 2 weeks now, and i have yet to make my first post. WIth that being said...welcome to my first post :) i decided to focus it around the idea that i have never had a blog before,so really, this is a very new experience. I guess i'll start by explaining my choice of username. 'sea-breeeze' well to make a long story short, my first choice: Jen was taken. my second choice JenN was taken, so i decided my third choice would come from something i spot in my room. The first thing i noticed was my victoria secret hand cream called 'sea-island breeze'. so i simply cut out the island, and left it as 'sea-breeze', the extra E had to be included because 'sea-breeze' was also... already taken.
I'm happy to see i have finally made my first post, i have endless amounts of school reading to catch i guess i'll have to end this here!

until next time . . .